Blowing Rock, North Carolina – The Legend of Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock is a small town in northwestern North Carolina near the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway which runs through Virginia and North Carolina. If you are driving the parkway, Blowing Rock is great place to exit for a bite to eat and some additional sight seeing in and around the Village of Blowing Rock. There is also enough to do in the area to make it worth a weekend getaway.

One place you will want to visit is “The Blowing Rock”.

The Legend of The Blowing Rock

“It is said that a Chicksaw Chieftain, fearful of the white man’s admiration of his beautiful daughter, bid her atop a high craggy cliff in the care of her squaw mother. One day, she spied a Cherokee brave in the wilderness below and playfully shot an arrow at him. Soon he appeared before her wigwam, and in the days that followed they became sweethearts. One evening a prophetic red sky beckoned him to return to his people. The lovely maiden begged him not to go. Torn between his love for her and his duty to his people, he leaped from the rock into the ominous night. Falling to her knees, she prayed to the spirts for his return and, as she did, a strange heavenward breeze blew her lover back into her outstretched arms. Since that day, this cliff with the mysterious upward winds has been known as The Blowing Rock.”

Standing before The Blowing Rock with the wind whipping up strongly before me, it was almost possible to imagine this event actually happened.

After checking out The Blowing Rock, you might enjoy a steep walk along the Robbins Ridge Trail. The trail was originally used by Cherokee Indians in the 1700s. The trail has now has a 162 steps on it to aid with access and, at times, has several declining segments of over 100 feet. It feels pretty easy heading down, but your legs will feel the burn on the return climb.

Next, I headed into the Village of Blowing Rock to check it out and replenish some of the calories lost on Robbin’s trail. It was an early fall day and the historic main street was bustling with fall decorations.

Not healthy but delicious.

The Village of Blowing is a small bustling area loaded with restaurants and retails stores. I opted to spend my time about ten minutes north of Blowing Rock at Tweetsie Railroad which is a great place to bring the children and a fun destination for adults as well.

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