Del Mar, California

Del Mar, California is a seaside village about 20 miles north of San Diego, California. It is close but feels like a world away. Del Mar is a place you go to relax and unwind.

I’ve been fortunate to visit Del Mar twice and stayed at the L’Auberge resort on both occasions.

Photo from L’Auberge website

Its location and view of the pacific ocean are ideal. The rooms, spa, dining options, and pool, and inviting spaces throughout the resort make for a perfect getaway.

I took the photo below from just below L’Auberge as I worked my way down to the ocean front for a morning run.

Arriving at the waterfront, I headed south along a still active railway. It is amazing how close this track is to the shore. It doesn’t really come through in the images below but track sits high along a seaside cliff. This is a great place to run but can feel a bit tense if a train happens to pass through while you are running. Some parts of the shoreline and track are quit narrow.

Heading out for a morning run
Returning from the run
Approaching L’Auberge with a look back to the ocean

The images below are from a visit to the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The shoreline cliffs, rock formations, and beach were absolutely mesmerizing.

Del Mar is a destination unto itself if peace and tranquility are what you need. Beyond L’Auberge, Del Mar has plenty of additional lodging options, restaurants (from casual to award-winning), spas, and shopping to round out your relaxing days before and after trips to the beach.

If you want to fill a couple of days with more activities, you are only 20 miles from San Diego and can plan a few excursions into the city for major attractions such as Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Harbor.

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7 thoughts on “Del Mar, California

  1. Greetings David,
    I would love to know what software you use to create these masterpieces.
    Absolutely sure that this is a closely guarded secret.
    But if you want to spill the beans – please let me know.

    1. Hi Laurence, appreciate the kind feedback on these photos. I tend to use the NIK Collection which has an incredible amount of editing options. There used to be a version that Google made available for free download. Someone seems to have since purchased the rights and now charges for it. Many of the photos in this particular post have an oil painting effect from Photoshop as the finishing touch after the NIK Collection.

  2. It looks gorgeous, and a little bit like parts of the east coast of Australia.
    Ah, to travel again…
    Thanks for the lovely photos and inspiration on a cold, dreary Melbourne weekend.

    1. Been a long time since you left this comment and hope you have been able to get out a bit more now. I can’t even imagine a cold, dreary day in Melbourne… ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. This is such a beautiful area! Stunning! Although, I have to say, running along the live railroad tracks would make me very uncomfortable. Stay safe, and have a good day!

    1. Thanks so much! I love this area…so beautiful and peaceful. The railroad tracks were very interesting but a bit unnerving at times with the seaside cliff on one edge and the train on the other. Plenty of room though in most areas and the track isn’t too busy ๐Ÿ˜Š

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