Boston, Massachusetts – Fall Stroll Along The Charles River

It was a cold but vibrant fall day as I walked along Charles River in 2019. If one of my children happen to read this some day and want to trace Dad’s steps, I began near the Liberty Hotel and walked south along the river before cutting away to walk the Freedom Trail. I probably spent 5 hours on the freedom trail which left me in the northern part of Boston. My trip back to the hotel was north to south along the river.

I began by walking south of the hotel…

View from pedestrian bridge crossing over highway.
Checking out the waterfront with my new friends.
Still heading south…
Looking back at the bridge in the previous photo.

At this point, I left the river and headed over to the Freedom Trail. There is another pedestrian bridge that will take you over the highway.

The photos below were taken after completing the Freedom Trail and during my walk back along the river. As a point of reference, after completing the Freedom Trail you are a couple miles from the Liberty Hotel and also on the opposite side of the river. No worries, there will be a bridge to cross as you get closer to the hotel.

There are several park areas and alternate paths to explore along the river during the walk back.
Cross this bridge and keep heading south.

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3 thoughts on “Boston, Massachusetts – Fall Stroll Along The Charles River

  1. Beautiful pictures of the trail during the fall. Maybe it is time to visit in the fall and throw in a side trip to Salem.

    1. I was fortunate to be there during the fall…and probably a bit lucky to have such a sunny stretch of days. So much to see in Boston and beyond.

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