Napa Valley, California – Wine Country

Napa Valley is world-famous wine region in the United States located about 60 miles north of San Francisco, California. It’s known for hillside vineyards, wine tastings & tours, restaurants, shopping, and wine-country resorts. Given its proximity to San Francisco, you can stay in Napa or San Francisco and make day trips to either area.

Northwest of Napa is the small town of Yountville which is known for its restaurant scene and sparkling wine. Dinner is still a few hours away so I pass away some time on a sunny Napa Valley afternoon exploring the beautifully landscaped town Yountville, California. 

Earlier in the day, I spent some time at a winery – I have lost the name – just outside of Yountville. The wine was great, but its grounds were spectacular to stroll through.

Having lived in San Francisco for several years, I’ve made quite a few trips to Napa Valley and will continue to shape and fine-tune this post with future updates to include:

  • Rutherford
  • Napa Valley Wine Train – Vintage locomotive and traveling restaurant running through the valley.
  • Carneros Hotel and Resort Spa

If you are ever planning a trip to San Francisco, consider adding a least a day for Napa Valley. It is 60-90 minute drive (depending on traffic). Be sure to avoid San Francisco’s morning traffic – it is seriously heavy. A mid-morning departure from S.F. during the week will work and be sure to return as long after rush hour as possible. A Saturday or Sunday morning trip would be ideal and eliminates the traffic issues. 

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